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Negroamaro Vineyards

Negroamaro is a vineyard with black berry. It was imported by Greeks in the Ionian costs. It is especially grown in Puglia and in Salento in particolar.

It's one of the main vineyards of the South Italy and it is the sixth vineyard with black berry (32.000 hectares) in Italy.

The name is originated by the word black : niger in Latin and maru in ancient Greek. Some people say that the name is originated by the dialect word "niuru maru" (= bitter black) for the black colour of its grapes and wine's bitter taste.

It has large leaves, pentagonal or trilobate; a medium bunch truncated cone -shaped, short and compact, it is rare for this bunch to have a wing; medium-large grapes, a thick, pruinose and black-purple peel; juicy pulp, sweet and simple taste. It has an abundant and continous production. It likes better clayey and calcareous grounds but it can also grow in different grounds and hot and dry climate. It is grown "ad alberello" and "a tendone", long or short pruning.

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